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How to do Healthy Keto™
Learn Dr. Berg’s Powerful Strategies for Amazing Health & Weight Loss.
This is the most important component of the course—especially if you have resistant weight loss. 


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This is the most important component of the course—especially if you have resistant weight loss. 

Get Your Keto Kit Here
This is the most important component of the course—especially if you have resistant weight loss. 

The NUMBER ONE problem behind stubborn weight loss is blood sugar hormone resistance. 

The blood sugar hormone is the key that allows sugar fuel to go into your cells. Over time, when you consume too many things that trigger the blood sugar hormone, like sugar and carbs, your body starts to resist it and it becomes a toxin in your system. 

Your cells stop listening to the blood sugar hormone. 

• Now your cells are hungry for sugar SO you crave sugar. 

• But the blood sugar hormone also controls protein in the cell—this is why diabetics have loose, flabby skin and weak muscles. That lack of protein. You need good blood sugar hormone to pull in the protein—hairs, skins, joints, it’s extensive. 

• Also, the blood sugar hormone controls certain minerals and nutrients specifically potassium—if your cells cannot pull in potassium, you’re going to have all kinds of problems. 

• Electrolyte issues
• High sodium= high blood pressure
• Problems sleeping at night because potassium is a physiological relaxer
• Problems with muscles being tight and crampy 
• The nerves

Basically, the blood sugar hormone controls 

• The fuel in the cell
• Protein
• Certain nutrients

• First, it takes the sugar out of the blood and puts it into the cell, lowering blood sugar this way. 

• It stores the sugar as glycogen. 

• Then, it stores the leftovers as ACTUAL FAT. 

What do I mean by anything extra turning into fat?

Your normal blood sugars range from 80-90 anywhere around 100. 

What does 100 mg per deciliter mean?

That means 1 teaspoon of sugar for ALL of your blood. Which means 1 tsp to 1 and 1/3 gallon of blood. 

All extra is stored as fat. 

The average person consumes 31 teaspoons of sugar a day. 

This comes from eating wine, pasta, cereal, crackers, bagels, sweets, cookies, pastries, bread, etcetera. 

So, all this sugar forces your body to work harder and harder and your cells become DEAF to it and your cells become resistant. 

Here’s how the process works: 

1. The pancreas makes this blood sugar hormone.
2. The cells don’t take in the blood sugar hormone because they’ve become deaf/resistant to it
3. So, the cell has deficiency of the blood sugar hormone 
4. That signal tells the pancreas to produce more
5. You end up with a surplus of the blood sugar hormone in the blood which means
6. More glucose stored as fat 

Then you get 

• Fatigue after meals
• Brain fog
• Vision problems
• Cognitive issues
• Mood issues
• Belly fat
• anxiety

Ketosis FIXES blood sugar hormone resistance
This is the most important component of the course—especially if you have resistant weight loss. 

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Now, we’ll talk about what to do and what to avoid. 

Sugar and carbs trigger the blood sugar hormone – I’m talking about ALL the sugars – all need to be eliminated. There are all kinds of substitutes that will keep you happy. 

So, here’s a list of things to avoid on the keto plan and why you need to avoid them. 

1. Sugar—sugar of course, triggers it. 

2. Avoid hidden sugars—these are everywhere in everything from soup, to fruit juice, to yogurt and cottage cheese and other dairy – all 
kinds of places. Especially condiments of all kinds, tomato soup, packaged foods. In general, eating whole foods helps you avoid this and limiting or eliminating fruit. 

3. Avoid MSG—this taste bud-expander is a major trigger—it’s in all Asian foods, much fast food is loaded with it, as are things like “season salt” and other flavor additives to foods. 

4. Don’t combine protein with sugar—you wouldn’t believe how much adding a carb source like ketchup or a bun to a burger or hot dog spikes blood sugar hormone much more than the bread or burger by itself. Eat your burger without. Eat meat without a carbohydrate source of any kind (mustard and may are okay as long as the mayo does not contain sugar).

5. Avoid all low-fat foods. Fat free foods have sugar added to make them palatable. 

6. Avoid snacking and frequent meals. Every time you eat you spike the blood sugar hormone. So, you only want to do that 2 to three times a day. This means no calorie beverages like water or coffee between meals. 

7. Avoid excess protein—excessive protein creates a process of glycolysis in the body—meaning protein will be converted to sugar. Only eat 3 ounces--not 6 per meal. 

In general – look to something called the BLOOD SUGAR HORMONE INDEX – it will tell you all non-carbohydrate foods and how much they spike the blood sugar hormone. Lowest on the list are fats! Butter, fatty cuts of meats, avocados! 

It’s the carbs in the fat that make you gain weight – the calories in the fat. 

Now, why do you want to consume more fat? Adding fat to meals helps you avoid spiking the blood sugar hormone so much and to keep you from getting hungry. Fat satiates you for a longer period of time. It doesn’t spike and then plummet like carbs do! 

Try combining intermittent fasting with keto for FAST results. If you add more fat to meal one of the day, you’ll be able to go longer and longer without eating, you’ll stay in fat burning longer, and even without lowering calories, you’re losing weight major! 

We’re not cutting calories—we’re cutting the blood sugar hormone—meaning you meet all your nutritional requirements AND lose weight AND get healthy. 

Allowable Non-GMO Substitutes for Sugar as Sweetener include: 

Birch bark, monk fruit, stevia, xylitol and erythritol are good substitutes. 
This is the most important component of the course—especially if you have resistant weight loss. 

Get Your Keto Kit Here
Keto-Adaptation & Intermittent Fasting Notes

Today, we’ll talk about keto adaption. 

You want keto adaptation—because this means you’re going from sugar burning—never tapping into your fat stores—belly fat, butt fat—into burning and melting all that fat off your body. 

Instead of reaching for that easy fuel in the blood from your last piece of pizza, your body will say, “hey, let’s go burn some of that belly fat for fuel.” 

But to do that, you ‘re going to switch over to fat fuel—ketones. It’s a clean fuel—like premium unleaded instead of yucky diesel. 

This is a cleaner fuel. It’s better. 

The brain loves it. Creative types love it. It’s great for making you quick and creative and imaginative – all that. And happier—it’s great for hormones like serotonin. 

You won’t have flagging energy from highs and lows in blood sugar. 

When you go into ketosis, your cells, specifically the mitochondria start manufacturing new cellular machinery to run on fat fuel. 

And this can take time—depending upon how much of a carb junkie you might have been—how many years you’ve been running solely on sugar. 

If you’ve been eating a mixture of good, healthy foods, whole grains, and lots of fruits and vegetables—but bread, bagels, pasta and carbs too—it might not take as long as someone who lives solely on carbs, cola, doughnuts, cereal, pasta, packaged meals, etcetera. 

The ketogenic diet has all kinds of benefits—such as, 


This is your body cleaning out all garbage in the cell and getting rid of defective cellular material that damages the cell—think toxins, mold, viruses, bacteria—it’s great for anti-aging, the skin, looking more youthful, avoiding free radical damage. It also makes us youthful and acquire lean muscle instead of fat. It also prolongs longevity—you’ll live longer. 

2. You’ll burn off all kinds of belly fat 

You’re going to lose those stores of fat on the body. The body will eat through these instead of free floating glucose in the blood because there won’t be any. 

You preserve more protein and amino acids with ketogenesis, helping you preserve lean muscle mass. 

In fact, the best way to measure if you’re losing in ketosis is actually with a tape measure. That’s because you’re losing fat but building smooth, lean, beautiful muscle that may weigh a few ounces more but you’ll be shrinking in size!! Major. 

Measure that belly—and keep those old pants. Take pictures and share them. You’re going to have amazing photographs showing fast shrinkage!!

3. Mood 

Think about all the symptoms of low blood sugar—depression, bi polar symptoms, anxiety—all these conditions are a blood sugar problem. Fixing those blood sugar issues via ketosis is very beneficial for the MIND. The body and brain love keto and you’ll feel just more up—smart, motivated, happy. 

4. Cognitive benefits

You’ll have better cognitive function. Ketogenesis is very neuro-protective and neurogenesis promoting. Ketogenesis helps us birth new neurons and preserve the ones we have which is very good for fighting Alzheimer’s. 

Focus, concentration, and memory improve major. 

In the transition—it takes anywhere between 3 days and 2 weeks to even 5 to 6 weeks depending on how bad your diet has been for how many years and how bad your problem is with blood sugar hormone resistance. 

We recommend you take more minerals and B vitamins. 

The cells that are burning fat require more mineral and B vitamins. 

You’ll see side effects that are supposed to come up with beginning a ketogenic diet like keto flu, keto rash, fatigue, kidney stones—but you don’t have to get any of these – AT ALL—if you get all the minerals you need to avoid these because these are all caused by deficiencies in 

• Minerals 
• Electrolytes—like potassium
• B vitamins 

Bad breath can occur when you’re dumping a lot of fat—you need more vegetables and minerals for this too. 

Low blood sugar and hypoglycemia symptoms—these can be fixed through more minerals. 

Everyone thinks all these can be found in protein—but no—these minerals are chiefly found through VEGETABLES. 

Intermittent Fasting

You’re not just using ketosis, you’re using Intermittent Fasting with my program. 

Intermittent fasting is a powerful tool that is profoundly healthy that really speeds up the whole weight loss and fat burning process. 

See, we spike it whenever we eat—no matter what it is—especially carbohydrate or protein + carbohydrate. 

Why is it valid?

Every time you eat, you trigger the blood sugar hormone. 

The more times you eat, regardless if it’s good or not, you’re going to spike the blood sugar hormone. 

So, we want to eat only meals—satisfying meals, and go as long as we can between them with NO SNACKS—not even cream and sweetener in coffee-that spikes it. 

So, what you want to do is start off with a nice, gradual intermittent fasting and doing three meals a day. 

As you begin to adjust, if you wake up in the morning and you’re not hungry—don’t eat—go ahead and burn that fat as long as you can. This is a sign you’re working up to two meals and all-day fat burning. 

But for now---go slow—your body needs to build up enzymes to burn all this fat anyway—and you’ll have time for your body to develop all the hormones that SUPRESS hunger—soon you’ll be able to go longer between meals WITHOUT HUNGER and BURN MORE FAT ALL DAY!!

Eventually, we’ll SHORTEN your window for eating—we’ll shorten it bit by bit to where you’re only eating at say noon and five—giving you 19 hours of fat burning a day—or 1 and 1 and 5 – 20 hours of fat burning a day. 

To make this transition smooth and prevent any side effects we recommend that you take more minerals and electrolytes because the cells that are burning fat require more minerals and B vitamins. It gives you more energy as you adjust to this phase and helps you PREVENT ALL CRAVINGS that will sabotage your keto and IF efforts. 

Tools to Help You SPEED Things up and Give You All Directions on What to Do to Lose 40 to 400 pounds with Keto and IF—


My book

The New Body Type Guide: 

156 images—easy reading, bullet points, guides for the adrenal and ovary body types and how to use keto and IF strategically for your body type. Your body type might be a combo—an adrenal-thyroid type—you need to know exactly what glands and hormones are fighting you so you can eat right and diet right for your type. 

And balance hormones to enhance fat burning. 

Companion Guide: 

It’s Not Lose Weight to Get Healthy, It’s Get Healthy to Lose Weight 

All kinds of easy, condensed information from my videos to help you on your weight loss journey. FULL of tips and insights into real, working fat loss. 

Nutrients to help you get into keto, stay there, and banish all cravings 

Electrolyte Powder 

This has 1,000 of potassium citrate, the most absorbable form of potassium—and this has more milligrams than you’ll find anywhere else. Most supplements only have 99 mgs. This has 1,000. It also has all the trace minerals that help you fight CRAVINGS. 

Cravings are only your body’s way of crying out for trace minerals! 

It tastes good and is packed with magnesium citrate, calcium citrate—all the healthy forms of these vitamins that aren’t just rocks like calcium carbonate—your body can actually absorb these and not destroy your health with kidney and gall stones. 

Nutritional Yeast 

This is where you get the B vitamins. Nutritional yeast is PACKED with vitamins – especially B12, B6, B2, and others. It’s great for energy, ultimate health, manufacturing fat-burning hormones, and suppressing fat storing hormones like CORTISOL. 

Raw Organic Wheat Grass Juice Powder

This is the real deal. 1 tsp = 1 whole tray of wheatgrass and wheatgrass is PACKED with 

• Nutrients
• Minerals
• Fat soluble vitamins like A, D, E, and K
• Chlorophyll 
• Phytonutrients
• Trace minerals
• Vitamins of all kinds
• Carotenoids
• Zeaxanthin

And you can actually get these all in a new keto kit I’m offering. 

When you’re going from sugar burning to fat burning, there is a transition phase that can last from 1 to 3 days to 3 to 4 weeks. 

This all depends upon how glucose adapted your body is—how used your body is to running on carbohydrates and sugar. 

You have to give your body time to adapt to burning FAT for fuel – ketones for fuel. 

Be patient. This WILL happen. 

But keep in mind, you have to grow and develop whole new enzymes in the body to burn fat for fuel. So, if you’ve been a junk food, pasta, French fries, bagels, cereal, crackers, muffins, and Little Debbie’s junkie for decades, this might take some time but 4 weeks tops. 

So be patient. 

However, as your body is adjusting, you may develop some symptoms such as 

Fatigue: This is usually a sign you need MORE B vitamins. I highly recommend nutritional yeast for this—it’s packed with B vitamins and you can buy this anywhere online and in good food stores. 

I don’t recommend a synthetic B complex. I do like nutritional yeast but make sure to get non-fortified nutritional yeast or it will have the synthetic vitamins. 

Keto flu: This is typically a sign you need more potassium. 

You need 7 to 10 cups to get that 4700 mgs of potassium you need, especially right now to fuel the body with energy. Eat more dark, leafy greens like beet greens and Swiss chard and try my Wheatgrass Juice Powder. This is packed with potassium. Same with gout and kidney stones. 

Weakness in the muscles: when you’re doing low carb, you need more sodium Sea salt. 1 teaspoon. 

I put together a handy kit with all of these compounds to make sure you can easily adapt to burning ketones for fuel, get into ketosis, start burning fat, and losing weight. 

The first product: A Nutritional Yeast in Tablet Form: 

Most nutritional yeast is in a powder and it tastes horrible and clumps. It’s very hard to mix with food. Plus, most of it has synthetic vitamins. My Nutritional Yeast Complex is in a tablet form. It’s NOT fortified with synthetic vitamins, which your body cannot absorb fully, and added some natural B12 to make it a full B complex. 

Electrolyte Powder

To make sure you get your potassium, I put together an electrolyte Powder that has all the trace minerals, without the maltodextrin sugar added, and has 1,000 mgs of potassium citrate, the most highly available form of potassium. 

Wheat Grass Juice Powder

I also put together a Wheat Grass Juice Powder. I tsp. is equal to an entire tray of wheatgrass. There are many benefits to the wheatgrass Juice Powder: 

• 100% certified organic
• It’s raw 
• 1 tsp = an entire tray of wheatgrass
• It neutralizes overly acidic urine, as being on ketosis makes you overly acidic
• Gives you tons of green nutrition and electrolytes. 

The kit comes with 2 books which give you all the details to do this program correctly 

1. The New Body Type Guide
2. It’s Not Lose Weight to Get Healthy, It’s Get Healthy to Lose Weight 

These are quick reads, full of handy diagrams and pictures, to help you get all the knowledge you need to put your new program into ACTION.